Mar 31, 2020

Virtual Interior Design for Your Home Projects

Is this the new normal? For now, yes.

Social distancing doesn’t have to mean your project has to be on hold. We have all the tools you need to get your design and plans ready to go.

Fortunately, for those of us in design, the world of virtual reality has never been more relevant and important.  Much of what we do with the homeowner can be done virtually with the advanced technology in place that allows collaboration through screen sharing meetings, 3D image illustration, online finish selections, computer aided drawing walk through and space planning. It makes remodeling your space easier than ever.

Let’s start planning for what’s next.

The most important phase of a remodel project is planning and before anyone swings a hammer you need to have a plan. With homeowner collaboration, Indigo Design Denver will create plans, make suggestions for finishes and connect you with a contractor. All virtually.

Virtual process for planning

  1. Initial phone consultation – discuss high level scope of your project and engagement with Indigo Design Denver
  2. Space measurements and pictures – we will send you a checklist of what needs to be measured and what pictures will be needed to create an as-built of your space
  3. Inspiration - share your inspiration photos (visit or for inspiration)
  4. Initial Design - we will create one or two functionally beautiful designs based on your wants and needs.
  5. Design presentation - virtual meeting to go over the plans, see your space in 3D and discuss any necessary revisions
  6. Revised design - revised design that incorporates input from the design presentation (if needed). Note: this plan can be sent to a contractor of your choice or to a contractor in Indigo Design Denver’s network for initial pricing
  7. Finish selections - a portfolio of suggested finishes will be created just for your space
  8. Finalized plans - final plans will be noted for construction and permitting